Why a man should not try too hard to please a woman

It is not a good idea for men to try too hard to please women. Trying too hard in a relationship can lead to disaster, and it doesn’t work. You have to be yourself and not try too hard if you want her to like you.

It Is Not Natural For Men To Try Too Hard

It doesn’t come naturally to them because they are not programmed that way. Women, on the other hand, are programmed differently. They have been trained since birth to please their man and make him happy, like in some cultures where there historically were female Brisbane escorts who only served to please a ruler.

So when a woman sees a man trying too hard to please her, she will automatically know that something is wrong with him or that he is insecure about himself and his relationship with her, or lack thereof. She senses his urgency to try to please her, and at times, it will get irritating to have someone that acts like a lovesick puppy following her. 

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Trying Too Hard Does Not Help You In A Relationship

Women like taking the lead and being in control of their relationships, not having a man try too hard to please them. When a man tries too hard, it can be seen as desperation. 

Women are not stupid. They can tell when you’re trying too hard, and it will come across as desperate or manipulative. She wants to be with someone who is confident, knows what they want and isn’t afraid of expressing those desires. 

Women want men who make them feel like they are choosing to be with him, not just settling because there aren’t any better options available at the moment.

If you find yourself constantly doing things for your partner that she could easily do herself or asking for permission before doing anything, even something as simple as going out with friends. This may be indicative of an underlying issue, which is that you don’t trust yourself enough to be confident around her. 

Trying Too Hard Can Actually Drive A Woman Away

Those moves can make her feel like you are being extra manipulative or that you aren’t confident in yourself. Women want men who are confident, not needy. They want men who know what they want and how to get it without manipulating their way into a woman’s heart or into her skirt. 

A man who tries too hard will come across as needy because he desperately wants approval from the woman he wants. And when she doesn’t immediately give him what he wants, he typically becomes even more desperate. This makes her feel uncomfortable because she knows there is no substance behind his actions, as all he has done is put on an act so that she’ll like him more. 

In Conclusion

Women like to be in charge and like knowing that they can take the lead and make things happen, but men who try too hard will undermine this ability. When a man tries too hard, it makes him look weak and insecure, which may cause a woman to lose respect or feel less confident around him.